Phuket has a long history of playing host to foreigners.  Phuket Town was founded in the 1st century B.C. by colonists from India.  Ptolemy, a Greek geographer in the third century A.D., referred to it as ‘Jang Si Lang' – which later became ‘Junk Ceylon' and this is the name you will see on ancient maps of Thailand, or Siam. 

In the 16th Century, tin came into Phuket's economical equation and the Dutch, as well as the French, came to the island because of it (Phuket even had a French-born governor at one time).  The British were not far behind and they later sent Captain Francis Light to scout out the possibilities of controlling the strategically important Malacca Straits, using Phuket as a base.

Nowadays, one of Phuket's main thoroughfares is Thepkassatri Rd.  It leads past a centrally located roundabout on which stand statues of Kunying Chan and Thao Sri Suntorn – Mook's royally bestowed title.  ‘Heroine's Monument', as it is known, plays host to many locals who wish to pay their respects to their illustrious ancestors. 

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